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August 2, 2006

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What’s Objectivity?

October 5, 2005

Spectrum_1 Thomas Crampton wrote an excellent piece about Blogging vs. Journalism.  One point Thomas made was of great interest to me:

"Opinions: Blog postings work best with strong opinions in them. This is problematic for a journalist because we are supposed to avoid that. You can often get the same effect, however, by asking sharp questions."

With so many journalists turned bloggers, are we getting more objective reporting, or less?  When I visit a blog, I look for analysis, commentary, and reflections; not pure facts.  Does this inherently make it more subjective?  I believe so – and that's why I visit blogs.

When I read the NYT's, I find it "objective"; but on reflection, that's probably because I align with them politically.  There are millions of people who'd tell me NYT's is the most biased newspaper on the planet.  Same with blogs – If you like what you read, you'd think of them as less-biased.  Granted, of course, that the analysis is reasonable…  There are, after all, many ways to skin a cat (where does this gross idiom come from?!).  or… many roads to Rome.

Food for thought: Will the fragmentation of media lead to individuals that are more close-minded?  Now that we can pick and choose what suits us best…


September 30, 2005

Gibberish"We got it; you don't".  That's the message I got sitting through 2 days at the OMMA East Expo.  To be exact, just 1.5 days until I can't stand to hear another self-serving speaker/panelist. 

To start, we had Samsung telling us to use Internet as billboards.  Consistency and frequency, the speaker said (apparently they're blasting on some 600+ sites 24/7)…  Well, that's all good if you have millions of budget to waste – Aren't we going the opposite direction with the Internet when one can get more targeted and thus smarter in posting ads?  I must have heard the word "Samsung" over a hundred time during that speech. 

There's also a panel called "Is Micromedia in Wikipedia?", where the 6 panelists agree on how the rest of the world is not getting blogs.  I'm fascinated by how self-absorbed and arrogant some of these guys are; they think they're the only ones getting blogs, and they'd like to keep it that way.  As the gentleman from BlogAds explained: they don't have the resources to bring [blog illiterate] people from A to Z.   Very well – I thought they're running a business there for a second.

The industry really needs to stop victimizing itself and blame the rest of the universe for not adopting – break from the cult and stop speaking in "wikipedia" terms!

Image Credit: http://peter-marina.com/speak_gibberish.jpg

To Blog or not to Blog

September 29, 2005

Yesno Wow…  It has been almost a month since I last wrote!  A few observations during my brief blogging career:

1.  Blogging shouldn't be this hard!  One key aspect of blogging is that it should relate and interact with other bloggers – My site so far is more publishing than blogging.

2.  It's much easier to blog in the summer when things are slow at work

3.  Blogging about topics related to work is a bad idea; unless you're blogging as part of your job.  There are many things I can't share with the public.  Or I won't share for fear of losing my day job…

Hence, here I am, trying to figure out whether to continue blogging, or call it quit.  I'd experiment with a few things while I still have Typepad for free (on a trial run…).  Countdown = 26 more days to go.  Any comments/suggestions welcome.

Skype is Ebay’s downfall

September 29, 2005

EbaylogotmWhat is Meg thinking?! I had my doubts about MySpace/IGN valuations for Fox… but Skype!  Perhaps someone can tell me what I'm missing: Skype, founded by two guys who can't step foot in the US because of Kazaa; exploding number of subscribers, but gees… it is FREE!  So that should be no surprise…  $2.6bn-$4bn for a business that's 2 years old and finding a business model.  That's double or triple the entire budget Murdoch has to build his Internet empire. 

Ebay's official line is as follows: 1) Skype brings in new customer base, and 2) Skype offers its existing customers a valuable resource.  On 1), it's not like eBay is an unknown brand in this day and age; and 2) so what? 

Very perplexed.  I'd have to say though, that I've always admired Meg Whitman…  She's probably seeing something I'm not.

Merger_1 Newsflash for the day: News Corp piled up on yet another big Internet purchase.  IGN for $650mn.  I've talked about it before.  Rafat Ali has a very nice summary on paidcontent.org (my favorite digital media newsletter).  Even at this "reduced" price, I can't help but find the purchase exceedingly expensive – it does, however, make a powerful statement of Murdoch's commitment and strategy. Murdoch is truly the last media mogul standing.  Gone were the days when media empires were built on one man's vision and his relentless desire to execute.  Grand ideas, after all, often require a leap of faith – investments and risks are too high by any traditional financial measures; future returns inconceivable based on current environment.  The mogul is, in essence, identifying (or creating) a consumer need that's unknown to rest of us. Certainly refreshing to watch – and thanks, Murdoch, for re-energizing the Internet space! Image Credit: www.mapartners.net

ROKR: Win for All

September 8, 2005

Rokr_1 So, it seems the Motorola ROKR (new ipod mobile… how do they name this thing?!) has been receiving a lot of bad press – yes, it's not the coolest device, and certainly a disappointment if judged by Apple's standard.  Yet, ROKR should be viewed as what it is: It is a Motorola phone equipped with iTunes functionality.  As a mobile phone, won't you agree ROKR is really not bad at all? 

I view this as a win-win-win situation… well, at least financially.

  • A Win for Motorola & Cingular: Anything that creates a mini-buzz in the otherwise stagnate sector…  when was the last mobile phone innovation?
  • A Win for music studios: While some still in denial, iTunes is saving their day in the digital fight
  • A Win for Apple: Wise enough to keep control over distribution, this will bring in more iTunes revenue (albeit insignificant).  They also made sure the phone is bulky enough not to run in direct competition with the iPods… Sounds like free marketing –

All in all, another great move form Apple.  Watch out for brand dilution though – too many mediocre products may break its aura.